Doing business abroad?

The first step is translation!

The DewaTranslate team offers solutions for the translation of your daily communication and technical documents.



Outsourcing the translation of your daily communication with foreign customers: A perfect translation of your message within 24 hours.

Technical translations

The DewaTranslate team is the perfect partner for the translation of technical product information thanks to extensive experience with technical matters.

Standard translations

Of course you can contact us for every type of text that has to be translated from or to Dutch, French, Spanish or English.

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Daily communication
  • E-mails
  • Letters
  • Blog messages
  • Other texts
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Reactivity can make the difference. When you get in contact with foreign potential customers, there will undoubtedly be some communication, often on daily basis. Clients appreciate very much being offered the opportunity to communicate in their own language.

Furthermore it is important that their message is clear to you and that they receive a clear answer in their own language. Therefore we are offering a ‘quick service’ where we translate your e-mails, letters and other messages within the delay of 24 hours.

This is the perfect way to prove your reactivity to the customer without wasting time on one e-mail because you are not sure what is being said and how you phrase your message best.

In order not to lose any time on discussing the pricing we work with a monthly invoice based on the amount of words and e-mails have been translated during that period.

It can be quite difficult to present a technical product in a foreign language. It’s not always simple to choose the right terminology and in many cases it does not even exist. If the end customer does not fully understand your technical presentation, probably he will not work with you as there is no relationship of trust.


Therefore we offer you a solution: our experience as a commercial agent in the graphic industry makes us the best partner for the translation of your technical files. This does not mean that we only offer our services to the graphic industry; over the course of years we have translated texts from many divergent sectors (transport, interior, engineering) and we are specialised in this type of translations.

You can contact us for: Brochures, websites, offers, order confirmations, manuals and all other technical information.

Technical translations


Technical documents
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Offers
  • Manuals
  • Other texts
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standard translations

Obviously you can always contact us for any type of text. From very simple and standard content to very technical texts: we help you to transform your text to the target language in a correct way.

About us

The DewaTranslate team

DewaTranslate is an initiative of the French company DewaFlex , your partner for business development of your products and/or services in France. Thanks to several years of experience with the French mentality and cultural differences between French and non-French people, we know that it is impossible to do business abroad without translation.

A qualified translator with perfect knowledge of Dutch, French, English and Spanish deals with your text and turns this into an impeccable translation. His experience as an agent in the graphic industry in France and Benelux helps him to present your technical products in a clear and attractive way.

In addition every text is revised by one of our ‘native speakers’ who has a final look at your text. This way we assure that you can communicate in a fluent way with your customer. You can create the illusion that your end customer remains in his own culture and this gives a huge boost to your sales chances.

DewaTranslate is a reliable partner for all our communication on our website & social media.

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We have an extensive offer of technical products. The manuals for our products are translated quickly and correctly by DewaTranslate.

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